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Delicious, fresh and healthy salads, soups and more! from our farm to your table!

Our greens are blended with organic meats or seafood, carefully selected delectable ingredients, whipped with tasty dressing made only only of fresh fruits and herbs, and healthy olive, sesame or grape seed oil.

Which Plan Is For Me?

Make Your Own Plan

Plan according to your taste! Choose your salad for each day of delivery. No delivery charge and orders can be made Monday-Friday. (12nn cutoff)

Meal Plan

We’ll plan your healthy week out for you! Free delivery of 1 salad per day based on the plan you choose. (12nn cutoff)

Solo Order

Try it out! Choose your variant, no minimum order required, includes delivery fee (12nn cutoff)

How it works?


Select your preferred plan and customize! If you want to try out certain flavors, go for the personal choice. If you’re already committed, have us plan your week out for you (Isabel’s Meal Plan) or make your menu for the week (Make Your Own Plan). cut off is 12nn


We receive your orders and take in special requests (e.g., not spicy, very spicy and all that we can accommodate to meet your needs)


Wait for your fresh and delicious salads to arrive at your home or office. Our salads and other food items are tightly sealed in a cool container to you’re your meal safe. Deliveries occur between 8 AM and 1 PM. Please give allowance for traffic congestion.

Best seller salad for this week!

Quinoa Pesto Salad


"I am obsessed with the salads of Isabel's!"

"I am obsessed with the salads of Isabel's! Enjoy them alone if you're trying to eat light or add them as starters to your meals at home if you want to incorporate more veggies into your diet."

Patty Laurel-Filart

Mom and Blogger

"I'm not much of a greens person, but I haven't enjoyed eating salads consistently until now lang!"

"Seriously, the salads I've been getting from Isabel's have been so good! I'm not much of a greens person, but I haven't enjoyed eating salads consistently until now lang!" 

Iya Villania-Arellano

Mom and Actress

"Named one of the best salads by Esquire Mag PH"

"Isabel's has become incredibly popular among Manila salad lovers. They even offer platters for a salad party."




-Esquire Mag Ph

-Esquire Mag Ph

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Free from chemical pesticides and fertilizers.